Big Brother Naija: Biggie Introduces First Twist, Announces 12 New Housemates [VIDEO]

For the first time in the history of the Big Brother Naija reality shows, the producers have added a new twist to keep people glued to their screens.

Earlier, said the first launch on Saturday introduced 12 housemates.

During the second launch of the “level up” edition of The Host, Ebuka Obi Uchendu introduced a second house and 12 new housemates to the new home.

But it’s unclear if the people in both houses compete against each other.

The 24 people in the house will try to win prizes worth N100 million.

Here are the new people moving in.

1) Adekunle

Full Name: Adekunle Tobilola Olopade

Adekunle is a digital marketing consultant from Lagos who is 27 years old. He thinks of himself as “self-actualized” and is proud to be a giver who solves other people’s problems.

Adekunle is good at making peace, but he is not afraid to step up and face problems head-on if he needs to.

2) Allysin

Full Name: Osy Allysyn Audu

Easy-going Allysyn says of herself that she is “a creative goofball who likes to meet new people.” When she’s not working hard as a Sales and Marketing Executive for a well-known car brand, she likes to watch movies, model, hang out with friends, and make her lip gloss.

She thinks of herself as a loyal friend and wants the same from the people she cares about most. Allysny is in a relationship and loves “how love helps me see myself in a new light every day.”

3) Bella

Full Name: Chidimma Esther Okagbue

25-year-old Bella is a fun, energetic UNILAG graduate and content creator. She loves to travel, swim, take pictures, and meet new people. She thinks of herself as “a straight-shooter who gets mad easily,” and she is competitive because she likes to win.

Bella says she doesn’t get along with girls, so most of her friends are guys.

4) Dotun

Full Name: Oladotun Mofiyinfoluwa Oloniyo

26-year-old Dotun is a medical physiologist at a hospital. On his days off, he works as a personal trainer. This talkative, competitive socialite likes to watch movies, cook, and garden when he is not working out or saving lives.

He calls himself “fun, good-looking, and spontaneous,” He says he never backs down from a challenge.

5) Doyin

Full Name: Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David

Doyin says her personality is a mix of Michelle Obama and Cardi B, and she’s not afraid to show either, depending on the situation. This 26-year-old is “a box of surprises, and you never know what you’re going to get.”

Doyin works hard as a medical radiographer, but she likes to go out and read when she’s not at work. She may seem tough on the outside but soft on the inside. Doyin has had difficulty making friends because she can be so brutally honest that many people can’t handle it.

6) Eloswag

Full Name: Eloka Paul Nwamu

Eloswag, a digital marketer and content creator from Lagos who is 27 years old, says with confidence, “I’m the next big thing to come out of Naija, and I auditioned to make the House freaking fantastic.”

Eloswag’s mom is his hero, but he also thinks he’s a hit with the ladies because he’s fun, confident, and skilled. He says with a laugh, “I’m a great guy, and the girls love me.”

Eloswag is currently single and says he is not in a hurry to get a girlfriend because he has already been “served his breakfast” a few times.

7) Chichi

Full Name: Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor

“Streeter at night and a chef during the day.” That’s just one of the colorful ways that Chichi, a 22-year-old exotic dancer, and chef, talks about herself.

She loves swimming, dancing, and traveling and thinks of herself as “an unstoppable goal-getter.”

Even though she had a hard childhood, Chichi has been able to move on and keep going her own way. She knows that her directness can sometimes irritate people, but she doesn’t care because she believes in being honest.

8) Diana

Full Name: Diana Isoken Edobor

Big Brother Naija, Diana is a Project Manager from Edo State who is 33 years old. She was born in France, but Abuja is now where she lives. She is friendly, cares about her family, is interested in self-improvement, and loves learning about other cultures.

Diana cares about her friends and tries to treat them the way she wants to be treated: with love, loyalty, and respect. Diana says that she is single when asked about her romantic life.

9) Hermes

Full Name: Hermes Chibueze Iyele

Hermes is a performance artist. Some of the things he likes to do are basketball, public speaking, and American flag football.

Some of his dance pieces have been shown at well-known festivals in Lagos, Glasgow, and Rotterdam. He has also been in music videos for afrobeats stars like Burna Boy, Davido, and Ajebo Hustlers.

Hermes is in a polyamorous relationship with two women. He thinks this kind of relationship has given everyone enough room to grow as individuals and as a group. He likes it when people are honest.

10) Sheggz

Full Name: Segun Daniel Olusemo

Big Brother Naija, Sheggz is an actor and professional football player from England who is 26 years old. After getting hurt last year, he started acting again, and he just got a part in a show that Tola Odunsi is directing.

Shaggy says he is “confident, but not arrogant” and “the perfect mix of Lagos and London.” He works hard and is bright and thinks it’s essential to be both.

Sheggz is talkative when he needs to be, but he is also a good listener. He thinks of himself as honest, approachable, and ambitious. Even though he isn’t in a relationship now, he loves them and thinks it’s essential to find the right one.

11) Chomzy

Full Name: Esther Chioma Ndubueze

Big Brother Naija, Chomzy, a 22-year-old business owner, likes to do simple things like sewing, travel, and twerk. She doesn’t like people who tell lies or betray others. She thinks of herself as a creative and passionate people person.

Chomzy thinks that her family is the best in the world. “My mother and all of my siblings live in Nigeria, and my father lives in Gabon. My family gets along well and loves each other, but I’m everyone’s favorite,” she says with a smile.

Even though she is single, she is ready to find love when the time is right.

Chomzy’s pageant and modeling work, as well as the many awards she’s won for her school and charity work, have given her a lot of reasons to be proud.

12) Giddyfia

Full Name: Gideon Anieti Nwawo

Big Brother Naija, Giddyfia makes sure to put his heart into everything he does. This 24-year-old engineer thinks of himself as a hard worker who works well with others and has a lot of creative ideas.

Giddyfia likes to laugh and joke even when things are serious, but she values her friendships and tries to avoid drama and betrayal. He has a lot of friends, but he is careful about who he lets in.

One of his favorite things has done graduate from college with the highest grades. He likes to work out, and he won the 2019 “Male Physique of the Year” award in college.

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