“Bobrisky threatened to kill me” – James Brown (video)

“Bobrisky threatened to kill me” – James Brown (video)
“Bobrisky threatened to kill me” – James Brown (video)

James Brown, a Nigerian crossdresser, claims that his coworker Bobrisky threatened to kill him if he did not stop becoming a drag queen.

Although their supporters and followers are unaware of the reason for this, it is no longer news that James Brown, formerly Bobrisky’s pupil, routinely spars with him on social media.

James Brown referred to Bob as his “rival” while praising Bobrisky at the weekend unveiling of her multi-million naira residence. He asserts that even the Bible encourages celebrating one’s foe.

However, in a recent tell-all interview with British influencer Woody, James Brown said that while Bobrisky initially backed him in his work, he later received threats once he rose to fame and found success in the crossdressing sector.

Additionally, he claimed that Bobrisky threatened to kill him if he continued to crossdress.

And he threatened to murder me if I continued to dress like James Brown, a drag queen, or the princess of Africa. That’s how we ended up becoming adversaries, he stated in parts.

View his remarks below.

James previously admitted to having true affections for his friend Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky.

When a fan inquired about her feelings toward Bob, the drag queen, who is now in the United Kingdom, didn’t hold back.

What do you think of Bobrisky? The fan enquired.

“Bobrisky threatened to kill me” – James Brown (video)

James Brown responded by saying Bobrisky is a troublemaker and must be avoided at all costs. But he can only hope for a change in him and a new beginning.

“Unfavorable feeling. Trouble. Run. Wahala. God be with us. James composed.

The transvestite said, “I pray she changes.

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