CaZe – Shey Normal

CaZe – Shey Normal
CaZe – Shey Normal

CaZe – Shey Normal, a rockstar in Nigeria, is back with another tune titled “Shey Normal.” A few weeks later, the song and video for his single Choco were available.

The consistently hard-working Afro pop singer works diligently to establish himself as one to watch with a string of songs. We will soon validate his reputation as a hitmaker.

Listen to CaZe – Shey Normal

Another smash for Dj Megi in 2022 is “Shey Normal,” which translates to “act normal or do normal.” The Nigerian and Malawian are establishing an unequaled synergy in the studio, and Dj Megi will be producing all of CaZe’s singles in 2022.

Nigerian rocker CaZe has a new song called “Shey Normal” and is back at it.

Several weeks following the release of his single “Chocosong “‘s and music video.

Because the Afro-pop singer is working so hard to establish himself as one by consistently producing hits, we will state unequivocally that he is a hitmaker.

“Shey Normal,” which translates to “act normal or do normal,” is yet another hit with help from Dj Megi, who will begin producing all of CaZe’s tracks in 2022 as the Nigerian and Malawian build unmatched chemistry in the studio.

CaZe: Shey Normal is now available for download on Don’t forget to share this page with your friends for the most recent news.

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