Daviskil – Quero (The EP)

Daviskil – Quero (The EP)
Daviskil – Quero (The EP)

Daviskil – Quero (The EP), a Nigerian rapper and Afropop musician residing in Brazil, has released his first EP, “Quero.”

The five-track project can now be streamed on a variety of devices. Quero is the musician’s first endeavor as an independent artist and his debut album. Majeek, Mix Monsta, and Timmy Jay are among the producers who have contributed to it.

Daviskil, Ajakaiye He is expected to make big waves not only in the Nigerian and African music sectors but also in the international music industry at large with his addictive, trademark Afro-fusion style.

“Quero implies Want,” Daviskil Ajakaiye remarked of the “Quero” EP. I start every day by desiring more for others than for myself. That is, in my opinion, how God operates. I believe I have a general want for more of everything in life—more passion, drama, and glamour. David Ajakaiye was born and raised in Edo State, Nigeria’s Kukuruku hills.

Daviskil’s (pronounced DAVE HIGH SKILL) mother and uncle (Edi Lawani) were never convinced of his love for music since he lacked the bravery to play in front of them, but that changed when, at the age of 16, he saved up to pay for what would become his first song, Ogogoro ft. Eye made (his friend).

Daviskil’s track was played on Benin City’s independent radio station before he was 17 years old. Daviskil Ajakaiye and his family relocated to Brazil to complete their education, where he met Mr. Augusto N. (alias WyssBrasil), a young entrepreneur who was fascinated by Daviskil Ajakaiye’s abilities. WyssBrasil signed him to a recording and production contract, and the two began making good music together.

In 2016, Ajakaiye secured his first distribution agreement with Kondzilla.

Daviskil Ajakaiye has performed in India, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States, among other places. Graduate of the famous So Paulo University in Brazil, Ajakaiye pursued his musical dreams on his own in 2018, releasing songs like “Kilamity” and “Slowly.”

Daviskil Ajakaiye is on a mission to become one of Nigeria’s and Africa’s top music exports, and with the publication of his new EP “Quero” with more new music, videos, and explosive live performances on the horizon, it appears that he is well on his way to accomplishing all of his objectives.

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