Day 3: Friendship on the rocks – BBNaija

Day 3: Friendship on the rocks – BBNaija

Day 3: Friendship on the rocks – BBNaija, How likely will you get into a big fight when you’re trying to get closer? The chances for the BBNaija Level Up Housemates are pretty high.

Amaka and Phyna had a good time together over the weekend, but they are no longer close. They fought early in the morning while trying to spend time together. Strange, right?

While hanging out in the Lounge, Phyna asked Amaka what her actions in the House would please. So that Amaka could better understand the question, Phyna told her that if she pleased the viewers, they would vote for her. Amaka, on the other hand, said she wanted to please the other Housemates and the audience. Phyna didn’t like this answer, so she told Amaka that she couldn’t pick Housemates because they wouldn’t be loyal to her. This started a fight between the two, who shouted at each other.

Amaka said that Phyna shouldn’t tell other people what to do and instead let her be herself. As the fight continued, Phyna called her a rat, which led Amaka to say that Phyna had said she was ready to take down her fellow Level 2 Housemates.

Amaka also said that Phyna was skinny after Phyna called her a rat. Amaka said that Phyna couldn’t be a rat because she was fat. Phyna said that Amaka was making fun of her body because of what she said.

During their workout in the garden, Amaka went on a rant with Kess and Daniella, telling them that no one would ever scare her. She thought about the fight and said that she didn’t know Phyna would take what she said so seriously. She believed that Phyna was trying to use her to get attention.

Do you think this friendship is over, or is there still a chance they can save it? Tell us in our social media comments.

Friendship on the rocks

Day 3: Friendship on the rocks – BBNaija
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