Day 3: Level 2’s first Diary Sessions – BBNaija

Day 3: Level 2's first Diary Sessions – BBNaija
Day 3: Level 2’s first Diary Sessions – BBNaija

Day 3: Level 2’s first Diary Sessions – BBNaija, As soon as the niceties and getting to know each other were over, the Housemates had to get down to business. The people in Level 2’s House, which lost yesterday’s HOH games, met with Biggie for Diary Sessions. After Biggie jokes about the fake nominations, everyone in the House thinks they are all in danger of being kicked out this week.

Groovy was up first and didn’t waste any time saying how surprised he was to meet the Housemates from Level 1. Groovy told Biggie that he was enjoying the moment and taking each day as it came. He said he was getting used to his new home well and told Biggie that the fact that he was the first person to live there did not go unnoticed.

The next one was a beauty. She told Biggie that she was getting used to living in the Big Brother House and that it was a real experience. She said that she didn’t expect to become a Level Up Housemate. The fact that the second House was shown during the HoH games was another surprise.

Khalid was the third person to visit the Diary Room. He told Biggie that the idea of going into the Big Brother House scared him but that he would push himself to get over his nerves.

A few minutes after Khalid, Ilebaye walked into the Diary Room. She told Biggie she was glad to be in the House and was there to get the money. The woman from Abuja said she gets along with everyone except Christy O, who she doesn’t understand. She also noted that Kess was a bit annoying.

Cyph went into the Diary Room after Ilebaye. He said that he thought things were going well so far. He could tell that the Housemates’ egos were clashing and were getting vibes from them, but he admitted that it was to be expected. Cyph told Big Brother that the Level 2 House felt more minor, but he was okay with it because he had lived in smaller places before. He said right away, “I love the artwork!” Biggie joked that he would call him next time he needed help building something.

Then it was Amaka’s turn. She told Biggie that she thought there were different ideas and clashing minds in the House. She said that she was doing her best given what was going on. Before she went into the House, she talked about her trip again, and her emotions were evident. She said she wanted to go to school in the U.S. but didn’t have enough money. Amaka said she wanted to be in the House, and then she said the Level 1 boys were hotter than the Level 2 boys.

Kess told Biggie during his Diary Session that this was his year to win the money. He said being on the show improved and was a step up in his life. When asked about the other House, Kess noted that it made him want to win more. Kess said he is not easily scared but worried that the other House is trying harder to win (Level 1). “I was born of grace, and grace has been with me my whole life. I want to win. After the show, we’ll talk about love and life.”

Daniella went into the Diary Room after Kess. She told Biggie happily that the House already felt like home. When Biggie asked her how she felt about her counterparts, she said that the Level 1 housemates seemed more agile, spontaneous, and outwardly expressive. But Biggie would have to see them perform if they were Level 2 Housemates.

In Pharmsavi’s Diary Session, the man with many skills talked about when he got the Big Brother Level Up invitation. He told Bigge that he liked the Lockdown phase and was glad to be there. He said that he sees the chance as a chance to show how talented he is. Pharmsavi has big plans for the future, and he hopes his time on Big Brother will help him make those plans come true.

Phyna didn’t hold back during her Diary Sessions when she talked about how she didn’t like Amaka. She told Biggie about her fight with her, but she also said nothing would affect her time in the House. After Biggie heard about her four-year journey to get into the House, she told her, “Big Brother is Jesus on earth.”

Bryann told Biggie during his Diary Sessions that this show was a chance for him to show off his skills. Bryan, who was glad to be in the House, talked about how things work there and how they have been working so far. We still don’t know if he spoke about how it fits into his plan.

Christy O came in last, but she wasn’t the least important person. She talked about how glad she was to be home. Biggie asked her what she thought of the guys in Level 1, and she said that the Level 1 guys were so fast.

Day 3: Level 2's first Diary Sessions – BBNaija

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