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Demarreur a distance: The remote starter system allows you to start your car’s engine from a distance, which is useful in a variety of situations, such as when the mechanics need to get warm during the winter. The remote control or an app on your smartphone can also be used to enable additional features. Discover the potential of the remote car starter, whether it comes standard or as an add-on.

To what end does the remote car starter function?

There is an electronic technology called a remote car starter that allows the vehicle’s engine to be started via radio waves when the key is not present or turned.

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Several applications are possible.

Its most typical application is in times of harsh weather. It allows the engine to be preheated in extremely cold conditions, cutting down on or perhaps eliminating the need for additional warming time before you hit the road. Depending on the settings, the remote starting can also turn on the air conditioning system, heating the car’s interior and demisting and defrosting the windows in cold weather, or cooling it in hot weather.

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Depending on the features and options you’ve selected, you may also be able to adjust the starting distance of your car, activate and deactivate the anti-theft alarm system, unlock the doors, trunk, and rear hatch, set off alarms in the event of any accidental impacts while the car is parked, and even set off alarms in a panic mode to attract attention to your car in the event of an emergency.

If your parking time has expired, some systems may notify you. You may use your car’s alarm system in the same way to find it in a crowded parking garage.

Demarreur a distance
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