Dudu Heritage Biography

Dudu Heritage Biography
Dudu Heritage Biography

Dudu Heritage Biography

Dudu Heritage Biography, Ola Ibironke, best known by his stage name Dudu Heritage, was a well-known Nigerian music promoter located in the US.

He was raised and received his early schooling at Ijesha, Osun State, where he is originally from.

As a music promoter in the US, Dudu Heritage worked in the entertainment industry.

He went back to Nigeria to carry on with his entertainment career.

Childhood and Education

Dudu Heritage spent his early years in Osun State, Nigeria, where he was born.

Before returning to Nigeria, he flew to the United States and London to pursue his education.

Dudu Heritage Wife 

Bimbo Oshin was Dudu Heritage’s first wife; they were wed in 2005. Olusegun and Iyanuoluwa Ibironke, two children of the union, was born.

Dudu Heritage was believed to have another wife, but he refuted the claims.

Who is Dudu Heritage’s first wife?

Except for the elderly, who have known about Dudu’s origins since he was small and are unaware of it, he had two marriages. Sola, his ex-wife, resides in the US. The younger generation in Nigeria first became aware of him through his marriage to famous actress Bimbo Oshin.

Which state is Dudu Heritage from?

Osun state

Is Dudu Heritage Bimbo Oshin’s husband?

As her husband, Dudu Heritage is laid to rest, Bimbo Oshin sobs. One of the late Ibadan Golf Club Captain’s wives, Bimbo Oshin-Ibironke, also known as Dudu Heritage, has said that her late husband was her rock. Bimbo referred to a husband as the greatest gift a woman could receive in her ode.

What is the cause of Dudu Heritage’s death?

Bimbo Oshin’s famous Nollywood actress husband Dudu Heritage has passed away. Dudu, whose real name is Ola Ibironke, moved to Nigeria many years ago to manage his business. After slumping while playing golf on Sunday evening, the socialite and entertainment promoter passed away.

Dudu Heritage Biography
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