EVE 1-0 MUN: Reason Why De Gea needs to be angry Maguire after Everton score?

Manchester United’s difficulties have continued, as they have now gone three games without a win. Ralf Rangnick’s days at the club are numbered because he has yet to make an impression. Gordon’s goal in the first half gave Everton a 1-0 victory today. Meanwhile, after Man United conceded that goal, De Gea made a disappointed gesture towards Maguire.


Everton got out to a flying start, and surprisingly, they had more chances to end the game in the first half. Frank Lampard’s tactics were spot on, indicating that he had done his homework before the game. Richalison was the one who was always tormenting the defense of the Red Devils.

Manchester United dominated possession in the second half but lacked creativity in the final third. Their attackers were unable to provide something unique to the game. Marcus Rashford was the only one who was given a sign that he could make things happen. All to no avail, as Everton held on to their lone goal until the final whistle.

However, after conceding the goal in the first leg, David de Gea appeared enraged and frustrated. And, according to an investigation based on perceptions, the Spaniard was clearly reacting to the horrific incident in which Maguire defended as the strike rebounded off his body and beat De Gea at goal.

There’s a chance De Gea would save the attempt if it didn’t touch Maguire, but the shot changed direction after clipping Maguire and landed in Manchester United’s net, which is why De Gea was enraged. Maguire (the captain) and the rest of the team were guilty of bad defending since they allowed Anthony Gordon a lot of room at the edge of the box before he shot.

Maguire has been the source of a number of De Gea’s goals this season, and his bad performance today should serve as a wake-up call to him and the rest of the club.

Nonetheless, Manchester United’s failure could mean that they will not compete in the Champions League next season. However, this is still based on chance.

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