Fave Biography: All you need to know

Fave Biography: Age, Songs, Record Label, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Parents.
Fave Biography: Age, Songs, Record Label, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Parents.

Fave Biography: Age, Songs, Record Label, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Parents.

Full Name:GodsFavour Chidozie
Stage Name:Fave SZN
Born:13 March 2000 (age 21 years old)
Place of Birth:Lagos
State Of Origin:Southeastern State
Boyfriend • Husband:Not Disclosed
Occupation:Singer • Songwriter
Net Worth:$10,000-$100,000

Fave Biography

Fave Biography: Age, Songs, Record Label, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Parents.

GodsFavour Chidozie (born March 13, 2000) is a famous Nigerian singer and songwriter, better known by his stage name Fave S.Z.N.

She is one of many outstanding artists who have harnessed the power of social media to propel themselves into the spotlight.

She rose to prominence after a verse on a free beat produced by Jinmi Abduls became an internet sensation, particularly on Twitter.

Before its publication, the viral freestyle, which addressed love concerns, became an instant smash. It was shared by industry veterans and influencers across social media networks. She was highlighted in the magazine TheNativeMag as a result of her achievement.

Early Life

Fave S.Z.N. is a Generation Z (Gen Z) member born on March 13 to Nigerian parents.

She is from southeastern Nigeria and has a vision for Igbo youth. GodsFavour Chidozie is a Nigerian name that she can trace back to the Igbo region.

Her parents reared her and her siblings in a Christian home, and they didn’t hesitate to help save the pub whenever they could.

As a small individual residing in southeastern Nigeria, she was familiar with a massive stack of modern music and afrobeat melodies. Asa, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Tiwa Savage, and Rihanna, among others, have been acknowledged as being the inspiration for her musical style.

Fave S.Z.N., who has a good voice and tone, joined the choir as a child to serve the Lord and develop her talent. After a few years, she had honed her skills as a reasonable entertainer and started writing songs.

Fave Biography and Career

Fave S.Z.N. was a working individual from the melodic experts’ area who participated in various shows in the school as an understudy of one of Nigeria’s colleges. This experience helped her improve her strong point and create truly captivating songs.

She was at this moment in her quest for self-improvement when she began experimenting with free beats, guided and empowered by her sound. She took the most optimal method to afrobeat after realizing her talent for fusing R&B, pop, and hip hop to create her distinct afrobeat sound.

She had released a couple of songs before establishing her place in the social media main domain, including M.O.M.M.S., which she interpreted as Masked My Sins or Me. The song went viral on the internet, but due to her small fan base at the time, it never earned enough praise.

She began making the fronts of regular tracks and posting them on the web to reach out to more viewpoints with her power, which is the ‘unique sound.’ Different people marveled about her music, and her songs began to spread around the internet, as is customary.

While still heavily influenced by the music industry, she made a song using a free instrumental provided by Nigerian producer Jinmi Abduls. Her little video, which she shared on social media, became a viral sensation. When he showed this to his collaborators, they urged her to choose music on her own, which she did.

Fave S.Z.N. became a viral sensation in her calling, particularly in the Nigerian social media realm. Every single music enthusiast who heard her music became a fan, and they were constantly replicating her tunes, which aided in her sound’s rapid evolution.

Due to her rapid rise, she has been separated from other Nigerian female singers and grouped with New Generational musicians such as Terms, GoodGirl LA, Ayra Starr, Liya, and others. She is expected to carry the female musician legacy established by legends such as Asa, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, and others.

Top dawgs in the Nigerian entertainment industry have taken notice of Fave S.Z.N., including Olamide, Don Jazzy, Fireboy D.M.L., and others, who have followed her on Instagram. Olamide’s record label, Y.B.N.L., has dubbed her the new Princess. Because of their tight relationship, many fans look forward to Fave S.Z.N. being signed to Y.B.N.L.

In May 2021, she recorded the single Beautifully, which was released. The record that established her name in the music industry became a second smash, making Fave S.Z.N. maybe the most sought-after fast-rising singer from Nigeria’s eastern region in May 2021.

The project drew massive funding, which helped explain why it was abandoned after such a short time.

Favorite S.Z.N. She collaborated with Mainland BlockParty on two singles with Mainland BlockParty, Tungba with Nobody But You and Your Dal, which featured Nigerian musician, B.O.J. Dimeji featured her on the single Drama. In the song Money Heist, Skeellz included her alongside Genesys, Valerie, and Olutimi. Remilondon has previously featured her on the song Slow Motion. Ultimi contributed a verse to the single.

S.Z.N.’s favorite singles include Dal and N.B.U., among others.


  • Beautifully
  • N.B.U.
  • M.O.M.M.S.
  • Dal

Social Media

S.Z.N.’s Favorite Social Media Site S.Z.N. isn’t joking about social media because it’s where she got her start. Her Instagram account, @faveszn, has over 12k followers.

She also has a Twitter account, @FaveSZN, which now has over 11k followers and is rapidly expanding.

Fave Biography and Personal Experiences

Fave S.Z.N., a talented Nigerian rising singer, is 21 years old. She is a beautiful adolescent who enjoys Afrobeat music. She is rumored to dwell in Nigeria’s southern region, notably Lagos, where she is pursuing her singing career.

Even though she has a lovely boyfriend, she does not share his photos on her social media accounts because she enjoys the opportunity to keep his personal life hidden.

As one of Nigeria’s fastest emerging vocalists, she has gotten sales to play at numerous spoof events, music concerts, and festivities.

Fave Net Worth

Fave S.Z.N., a young afrobeat artist who has already made a name for herself, is estimated to have a net worth of $10,000-$100,000.

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