Gender reveal balloon

What is inside a gender reveal balloon?

People often fill the inside of a latex balloon with blue (for a boy) or pink (for a girl) glitter, confetti, powder, or paint and then fill it with helium to find out the gender of the baby.

Does a gender reveal balloon need to be filled with helium?

Putting air into the balloon is free. We do suggest that you use a hand pump or an electric device to blow up the balloon. 3. A mix of air and helium. Most shops will automatically fill your balloon with a 60/40 mix of air and helium.

How much powder do you put in a balloon for gender reveal?

For one extra-large balloon, we say to use up to 400 grams of powder. Extra tip: If you’re using helium balloons, bring the powder and confetti inside with you to the store. Larger balloons can hold more weight because they are bigger. If balloon starts to hover low, give it a shake to re-distribute contents evenly.

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