“I Only Have One Life, Playing Has Never Been This Cute” – Simi Gold.

There’s nothing wrong with having a nice time in one’s spare time if it results in a memorable memory. Simi Gold, a popular Yoruba movie actress, is one of the celebs that like spending quality time on an adventure, and she did so this time by taking a ride on a ship.

"I Only Have One Life, Playing Has Never Been This Cute" - Simi Gold.

She also told her supporters that she has never had so much fun performing before, and that she only has one life, so she is going to live it to the fullest, regardless of what others think.

Simi Gold is someone who enjoys flaunting herself on social media and has done so on numerous times in order to share her outings with her admirers. On this particular occasion, she went all out to enjoy a voyage inside the ship in the middle of deep ocean. She looks stunning in her swimsuit, with flawless make-up and a stunning haircut that just added to her beauty as she posed for the photos in various positions.

She added a caption in which she assured her supporters that she only has one life and promised to live it to the fullest. “Playing tiny ain’t cute,” she stated. “I’ve got one life, and I’m going to show it off, no apology required.” This statement demonstrates that she is willing to continue to enjoy her life regardless of others’ opinions, and that she will not apologize to anyone for doing so.

Some individuals who saw the photo had no option but to respond to her description because they agree with her that she should continue to enjoy her life, while others who were amazed with her dress commented in various ways on her Instagram page.

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