“If We Didn’t Put Out The News, How Will The Police Know That Someone Was Missing” – Mr Macaroni

The Nigerian Police Force reported earlier today that Safiyanu Amira had been found, dispelling the viral rumour that she and 17 others had been kidnapped by armed men in police uniform on Tuesday, June 14, 2022.

"If We Didn't Put Out The News, How Will The Police Know That Someone Was Missing" - Mr Macaroni

Safiyanu Amira is currently safe and in police custody, according to a statement posted on the social media platform TwitterNG. She is receiving medical attention.

Statement in its entirety

In response to this news, one Twitter user, Olabode Raji, decided to call out Mr Macaroni for not validating the first report regarding Amira before putting it out with his massive media presence.

“Dear Mr Macaroni, here’s another reason to double-check information before releasing it. As usual, we’re on the move!!!”

Mr Macaroni replied quickly, urging Olabode to use his senses and asked how the police would know someone was missing or kidnapped in the first place.

“You’re a wise man. My brother, put it to good use. How would the police know that someone was missing or kidnapped if we didn’t report it?

“Don’t be blinded by your hatred towards Mr Macaroni. When someone is in distress, the first thing they should do is ask for help, which is exactly what we did.”

When it was feared that the lady and 17 others had been kidnapped, Mr Macaroni was one of the first to inform the public.

As he stated, if he and those who disseminated the story and made it viral had not done so, how would the police have known to examine the situation?

Even the police statement urged citizens not to give up on providing information, to stay vigilant, and to report any suspicious or unusual activity.

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