Khaby Lame Biography: All you need to know

Khaby Lame Biography: Net Worth, Wife, Real Name, Age, TikTok, Girlfriend, Religion, Instagram, House, Meme, Twitter, Wikipedia
Khaby Lame Biography: Net Worth, Wife, Real Name, Age, TikTok, Girlfriend, Religion, Instagram, House, Meme, Twitter, Wikipedia

Khaby Lame Biography: Net Worth, Wife, Real Name, Age, TikTok, Girlfriend, Religion, Instagram, House, Meme, Twitter, Wikipedia.

Full Name:Khabane Lame
Stage Name:Khaby Lame
Born:9 March 2000 (age 22 years old)
Place of Birth:Ziguinchor, Senegal
Height:1.85 m
Parents:Mr and Mrs Lame
Wife • Spouse:Zaira Nucci
Girlfriend • Partner:Zaira Nucci
Occupation:TikToker • Media Personality
Net Worth:US$1.5 million-US$3 million
Khaby Lame Biography: Net Worth, Wife, Real Name, Age, TikTok, Girlfriend, Religion, Instagram, House, Meme, Twitter, Wikipedia

Khaby Lame Biography

Originally from Senegal, Khabane Lame (born March 9, 2000) has made a name for himself online as a social media darling.

When several of Khaby Lame’s videos became viral online in 2020, the social media sensation was thrust into the public eye.

Khabar Lame is a TikTok star renowned for criticizing complicated life hacks in his videos.

He can convey the information without saying a word through his facial expressions if you’re looking for something special about him. Khaby Lame and Charli D’Amelio are the most-followed TikTokers in the world as of 2022.

Early Life

Khabane Lame was born on March 9th, 2000, to Senegalese parents. Mr. and Mrs. Lame raised him in Dakar, Senegal, where he was born. However, when he was just one, his parents chose to leave Africa for Europe in quest of a better life for their family.

Ultimately, this drove them to move to Italy, where they started a new life. In Chivasso, Italy, the Lame Family moved into a public housing complex.

Khaby Lame comes from a family of three. He was raised in a middle-class household. To ensure Khaby Lame and his siblings had everything they needed, the older Lames (parents) worked very hard.

As he grew older, he began working while still in high school. As a means of providing for his own needs and alleviating his parents’ stress, he decided to do this work.

After graduating high school, he decided to work full-time rather than pursue a college education. He couldn’t afford to attend Italy’s public or private colleges for financial reasons.

He was hired as a CNC Machine Operator at a factory near Turin. His work was terminated in March of 2020 due to the global epidemic, leaving him jobless.


Khaby Lame was educated at a public school for his first and second grades.

As a result of achieving high marks on his final exams, he completed his secondary education. He dropped out of high school at the age of eighteen.

Khaby Lame Biography and Career

Khaby Lame, who was forced to stay home due to the Covid-19 outbreak, felt bored. When he needed something to do, he started making TikTok videos.

It was common for him to videotape himself dancing or playing games in his flat and insert Italian subtitles in these early movies. He resolved to metamorphosis as he progressed in his budding career as a content provider. The internet took notice when he started making memes out of his images, gifs, and videos.

In response, he started making movies depicting intricate life hacks and showing how he could accomplish the same work more quickly. In addition, he didn’t say anything in the video save for a wry smile.

Since Khaby Lame’s TikTok video got viral and spread to other social media platforms, he gained a wider audience. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE FOLLOWED HIM ON TICKTOCK AND INSTAGRAM WITHIN WEEKS! His videos, which they found easy and amusing simultaneously, were a big hit with the audience.

Khaby Lame’s internet fame grew as the months passed. He overtook Gianluca Vacchi in April 2021 as the most popular Italian TikToker. As of June 22, he surpassed Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae in most-followed TikTokers worldwide.

There are a lot of sponsorship and brand association deals that Khaby Lame has secured because of his new celebrity status. The fact that he’s one of the world’s most prominent social media influencers means that he can work with some of the world’s most well-known brands. There have been other high-profile European invitations for him as well.

During the announcement ceremony of Juventus FC’s newest signing, Manuel Locatelli, Khaby Lame appeared as a co-star. In January 2022, he signed a multi-year cooperation agreement with Hugo Boss.

Social Media

Khaby Lame also has a sizable fan base on Instagram and Twitter, in addition to TikTok. He has more than 74.9 million Instagram followers and more than 170k Twitter followers.

  • TikTok handle: @khaby.lame
  • Instagram handle: @khaby00
  • Twitter handle: @KhabyLame

Personal Life

Khaby Lame, the content creator, is a Muslim and is 22 years old. He proposed to Zaira Nucci, his girlfriend when he was just 20 years old. He announced the engagement in October 2020.

He recently relocated to Milan, Spain, after spending most of his life in Italy. He is an expatriate living with his agent. He is solely a citizen of Senegal; he is not also a citizen of Italy.

Khaby Lame employs his social media manager. Riggio Alessandro, Khaby Lame’s social media manager, puts in long hours to raise his online profile.

Khaby Lame has 8 of the top 25 most popular videos on TikTok, according to a study conducted in October 2021.

Khaby Lame Net Worth

Khaby Lame’s success on TikTok is primarily due to his position as one of the most popular content creators. A lot of his income comes from brand collaborations and endorsement arrangements.

Khaby Lame is thought to be valued between $1.5 million and $3 million, depending on the source you believe.

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