Mercy Eke explains why she modified her physique and responds to people who criticize her.

Mercy Eke, the ‘pepper dem’ winner of Big Brother Naija, has finally addressed those who attack her on a regular basis because she underwent surgery to enhance her body.

Mercy discussed the cosmetic process in a new interview with podcaster Taymesan, and she was open and honest about her decision to undergo the procedure, as well as her feelings about people who criticise her for it.

Mercy Eke explains why she modified her physique and responds to people who criticize her.

“I did it for myself,” she explained. I did it to boost my self-esteem. I was very aware that I wanted to appear good in whatever I wore. I’m into fashion, and in order to get it properly, I need a certain body type. Those who are hiding (that they’ve enhanced their bodies) don’t seem to have much confidence; perhaps they’re doing it for someone else, but I did it for me. I did that in order to sell my company.

As an example, I am currently modeling for my fashion label. As a result, when I pay other influencers, it brings nothing except when I wear it. People start buying when I wear something. So I did it for me, my business, and to look nice because I know I look good. So I don’t think there’s anything shameful about increasing your physical appearance.

People are bleaching, but we don’t discuss it. It’s all the same thing; it just varies on how you go about it. Because it is not how God intended for you to be made. How about you, you who have long lashes like this? When we talk about all of these things, we’re talking about the same thing. If you believe you are that girl, let yourself alone as God intended.

So why are you attempting to touch one or two, when you’ve pierced seven ears, noses, and mouths? It’s the same thing for me. So, if you can do it, I’m sure I can change my physique as well. It’s both my body and your nose. I’m telling it like it is. Imagine you’re a guy who talks about girls and then dies. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come You’re out. People who come here have a good time. Yes, because if you’re judging someone and then bang (you d#e), you’ve broken the law. You don’t touch your body, you don’t enjoy yourself, and you’re going to (hellfire)! Because we don’t judge and don’t do evil things like that, we wey who touch our bodies will go to heaven.”

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