Mickael Marabou Ft. Davido – Mwen Love Ou

Mickael Marabou Ft. Davido – Mwen Love Ou

Mickael Marabou, a multi-talented singer and composer from Haiti who now lives in Brooklyn, has released her new single ‘Mwen Love Ou,’ which features afrobeat icon and Africa’s best Davido.
The song just tells of pure deep devotion (love or lust depending on how you read it), hence the song states ‘I love you’ in Creole and ‘there is no one else’ in Yoruba.

Young D produced this song, which is a perfect blend of afrobeat and kompa.

This new track is the first taste of her next album, ‘Afrokreyol,’ which will be released later this year and features some of Africa’s biggest performers.

Her sound, which is a mix of kompa, reggae, afro-beat, and hip hop, is dubbed ‘Afrokeyol.’

Mickael is a rapper, singer, composer, and guitarist who exudes enthusiasm from the inside out. Mickael, who was born in Brooklyn, has always felt a strong connection to her original homeland, Haiti.

Mickael says, “My flesh was born in Brooklyn, but my soul never left Haiti.” “At core, I’m an island girl with unrivaled Haitian pride.”

Her passion to put Haiti on the map is undeniable, as evidenced by the high level of participation on her social media posts.

In the first ten days after its release, her latest single, ‘Tounen Nan Baz Ou,’ had over a million views on YouTube.

Listen to the following:

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