My Doctor Said I Could Go Blind Or Suffer Brain Damage – BBN Boma

My Doctor Said I Could Go Blind Or Suffer Brain Damage – BBN Boma
My Doctor Said I Could Go Blind Or Suffer Brain Damage – BBN Boma

Boma Akpore, a real personality on Big Brother Naija, described how his doctor warned him that an illness might cause blindness or brain damage.

On Thursday, July 21, the 34-year-old detailed his ordeal in a lengthy Instagram post.

The actor and model recently disclosed that he had been physically and spiritually attacked, leaving him paralyzed for four years. He also described how he contracted COVID-19 in December 2020, which led to a sinus infection.

Boma Akpore claims that his doctor advised against surgery because the infection had migrated to the back of his skull and could result in permanent brain damage or blindness. He stated:

“On December 2, 2020, I contracted COVID-19, which resulted in a horrible sinus infection. I had never experienced sinus troubles for longer than three days before that. After that, I became pretty busy moving from one film set to another in the US. I eventually returned to Nigeria and stayed for another six months due to my commitments to Big Brother Nigeria and other press obligations.

The sinus pain persisted for about a year after that, so I decided to move back home to New York.

I decided to visit an allergist, and between January and March 2021, I had a lot of doctor’s visits and tests, the results of which were unpleasant. I only inhaled through my left nose because my right face and nostril were partially obstructed.

“At this point, I always wake up with mucous coming out of my right nostril. I had no choice but to have the surgery that my doctor had advised at this time. The procedure was scheduled for April 12. I was cast in a Nigerian film, and production got underway. On April 8, my crew and I decided to wait until after the shoot to get the procedure.

“The reunion date was also scheduled when I was in Nigeria, so I managed to kill two birds with one stone. I flew back to New York City on May 7 after the final episode was filmed to prepare for my surgery on May 13. I was told by the doctor that the infection had already reached the back of my skull and that because the procedure was being done so close to my brain, I might go blind or suffer brain damage. I became frightened at this point.

The procedure began at 6:30 am and was scheduled to end at midnight, but I couldn’t wake up for another three and a half hours because everyone was afraid. I want everyone to praise God for giving me life.

Boma continued by thanking God for the operation’s success and stating that he had begun working out. He stated:

“Slide 6 shows me working out yesterday, July 20, 2022, and I’m ready to start working again after a two-month break.”

God is merciful. I want to strongly advise everyone to visit their doctor if they are experiencing a typical symptom or illness.

PS: My face and nostril are blocked in the grey section of the scan photo. Many thanks to my friends and family who helped me when I was ill. May the Almighty God provide for you when you are in need.

My Doctor Said I Could Go Blind Or Suffer Brain Damage – BBN Boma
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