My Side Hustle In America – Nkechi Blessing Explains

"My Side Hustle In America- Nkechi Blessing Explains
“My Side Hustle In America- Nkechi Blessing Explains

Nkechi Blessing, one of Nollywood’s funniest actresses, is adept at getting her admirers’ attention whenever she uploads new videos of herself to social media.

Nkechi Blessing has used her official Instagram profile to demonstrate to her fans how she works hard to make ends meet.

"My Side Hustle In America- Nkechi Blessing Explains

“My side business in America, certified agbero,” Nkechi Blessing wrote as the video’s caption.

As she put it; “So, yesterday night, I was outside on Starting Ireland’s street trying to find my daily bread. I went into the liquor store to get a bottle of Hennessy after seeing these guys and they asked what I was doing “.

When they first encountered Nkechi Blessing, these two men were taken aback by her peculiar attire.

Nkechi Blessing had long sleeves rolled up, gold hair, and sagging blue jeans.

In addition, Nkechi Blessing modified her gait and began to walk like a guy.

To view the video, click the link below.

Unquestionably, Nkechi Blessing posted this video online to encourage her followers to start working hard.

As soon as Nkechi Blessing’s video went viral online, many of her fans flocked to the post’s comment area to voice their opinions. You might find it interesting to look at the screen shots of their responses below.

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