Nollywood Actresses, Yoruba Actor, Odunlade Adekola Has claimed Slept With

Here is a complete list of Yoruba actresses that have dated Odunlade Adekola.

Odunlade Adekola is a well-known Yoruba actor who is noted for his great film performances. His acting abilities are rather impressive. Now for the little-known fact about him. Odun, as he is better known, has had affairs with a number of his co-stars.

Taiwo Aromakun, a prominent Nollywood actress, stated in an interview that she dumped him when he refused to change her status from mistress to wife, despite the fact that he was already married.

Odunlade has been married to Ruth for the past 17 years…

The following is a list of Yoruba actresses Odunlade is said to have dated:

1. Ronke Odunsanya 

Ronke Odunsanya also known as Flakky Ididowo and Odunlade reportedly dated in 2011/2012

2. Taiwo Aromakun

They both dated same period he dated Ronke. This reportedly caused a little brouhaha between both ladies.

3. Seyi Ariyo

Also Known as She baby, was also one of his mistresses.

4. Kemi Afolabi

Reportedly was once in a messy fight with Seyi Ariyo over Odunlade at a location, even though they are both married women, they both accused themselves of sleeping with Odun.

5. Eniola Ajao

Although Eniola Ajoa has always denied this claim, popular blogger Kemi Ashefon once alleged that Odun upgraded her life by relocating her from Abeokuta to Lagos and getting her a nice apartment in a high brow area.

6. Bukola Adeeyo

Her first child Janelle was believed to be Odunlade’s baby. A claim he came out to debunk even though Bukola never revealed the father of the child, a woman once came online to reveal that Bukola had babies for her own husband. A revelation that somehow vindicated Odunlade, but didn’t take away the point that Odun and Bukola were once “intimate”

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