Peter Obi Replies Tinubu After Dropping Strong Words

Peter Obi Replies Tinubu After Dropping Strong Words
Peter Obi Replies Tinubu After Dropping Strong Words

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the ruling All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, claimed that the opposition parties, including the Labour Party and other ostensibly tiny parties, will work till they die. The Labour Party’s president, Mr Peter Obi, has now reacted.

Remember how yesterday, during the APC’s campaign for Governor Adegboyega Oyetola, the party’s nominee for governor of Osun State, Bola Tinubu called the opposition parties “mushroom parties” and made fun of them.

Peter Obi Replies Tinubu After Dropping Strong Words

Peter Obi hasn’t said anything since Tinubu remarked above, despite the controversy it has so far caused. The former governor of Anambra State has, however, at long last responded to the widely panned statement.

The Labour Party’s Honourable Lasun Yusuf is running for governor of Osun State in the election that will take place on Saturday, July 16, 2022. Peter Obi commented on the importance of the good people of Osun State exercising wise voting.

Speaking to the gathering, he advised them to keep in mind that they will be the ones who suffer from the hardships those who have kept Nigeria in darkness will bring if they are elected again.

He informed them that some bad leaders had stolen their future and that they wanted to reclaim it for themselves.

Peter Obi mentioned that he heard Bola Ahmed Tinubu say that the Labour Party will work till it dies in his response to Tinubu’s assertion. He claimed that the Labour Party would show them love if they continued to act in such a cruel way.

He said that without labour, the nation could not transition from a consumption to a production economy, adding that those who have worked hard would receive compensation.

Additionally, he urged them to disregard any politician who tried to purchase their support. He warned them that the upcoming four years would be harsher if they sold their votes. The money they are paying to them is the money they have stolen; therefore, even if they want to collect their money, they should not forget to vote with their conscience.

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