Picking up a school beauty to be wife

Picking Up A School Beauty To Be Wife is an English/Raw Manga/Manhwa/Manhua comedy series. English chapters have been translated, and you can read them here. You’re reading Picking Up a School Beauty to Be Wife chapters on mangagreat.com, the fastest-updating site for comics. The Ending is

Luo Feng was one of China’s first secret soldiers. When he came back to the city, he was the best student at Zijing Middle School. There are so many pretty girls at school, which one will catch his eye?

Picking up a school beauty to be wife


I avoided it for a long time because I thought it would only have cliche jokes and an overly perverted main character. I can’t say I’m a fan of the current main character, but at least he’s better than I thought he would be.

P.S. I’ve read all the chapters that are out so far, and there is only one real kissing scene.
Also, I don’t think he’s stupid or doesn’t understand how they feel. I think he just doesn’t want to cheat on his first girlfriend with other girls.
I think he knows how they feel about him very well.

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