Revealed: 4-5 players could be signed by tomorrow.

Barcelona will welcome Rayo Vallecano in their La Liga opener on Saturday night.

The Blaugrana are having trouble registering their new acquisitions heading into the big night.

Barcelona hasn’t registered its five new acquisitions or two new contract players yet, and with time running out, they may have to play without them.

Gerard Pique might help Barça register four or five of the seven unregistered players before tomorrow, according to journalist David Bernabeu Reverter on Gerard Romero’s Twitch.

The veteran defender is negotiating a new contract with Barcelona that will cut his earnings. The renewal should be official soon, allowing the club to sign 4-5 new players.

Pique is willing to take another wage cut to get Barça out of a bind. The 35-year-old took a pay cut last summer and may do so again.

Due to current earnings, postponed payments, and compensation cuts, the club owes the former Spanish international €52 million in gross salary. He’s willing to give up a big chunk of it to help the club and boost registration.

Pique’s charitable act won’t be enough for Barcelona to register all seven players, but there’s chance for four or five.

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