“Someone was shot right in front of me,” said a woman who survived the Owo church massacre.

Stephanie Ajibo Olitex, a young lady who survived the gunmen attack on Owo church St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Owo on Sunday, has spoken out about her near-death experience on her birthday.

"Someone was shot right in front of me," said a woman who survived the Owo church massacre.

On Sunday, June 5, unknown gunmen opened fire on worshippers at the St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Owo, Ondo state, killing several persons and critically injuring others.

Stephanie posted her testimony on Facebook. Stephanie described how she narrowly escaped being shot by the shooters who entered the church wearing masks and began shooting sporadically at the gathering without restraint while expressing appreciation to God for sparing her life in the attack.

She hid beneath a cabinet within the choir room with a baby in her arms to avoid being shot, according to her, and eventually escaped via the fence that separated the church from the Owo Kingdom’s Palace of Olowo.

Stephanie recalls individuals being shot in her presence, including the choirmaster, who is fighting for his life right now.

“They started shooting from the outside when we were inside the chapel.” People in the rear began to rush to the altar. Our priest escaped through the sacristy with the help of our catechist after some leaped the gate. When I arrived at the Sacristy door, it had already been locked by members who had arrived before me. With the baby in my arms, I had to hide under the cupboard in the choir room. Near the Sacristy door, he shot someone right in front of me. He looked around and walked away when he couldn’t find anyone or hear anything. He wore a mask and was armed with an Ak 47.

The distance between the heavily laden gunman and me was roughly equivalent to that between a kitchen and a dining room. Before running into the room with us, our choir master, who was hiding with us, was shot in the chest. I hope he makes it through the bullet. They murdered children, teenagers, and the elderly. We’ve recorded about 100 deaths so far, and we’re still counting. For fear of the unknown, I escaped through the fence that separated our church from the Castle of Olowo of Owo Kingdom and ran to the palace. I’m safe, and so is the baby I’m carrying. I wish you a happy birthday. “God is Merciful.” She expressed herself on Facebook.

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