SwagBoyQ Biography: All you need to know

SwagBoyQ Biography: All you need to know
SwagBoyQ Biography: All you need to know

SwagBoyQ Biography: Girlfriend, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Height, Eyes, Hairstyle, TikTok, Death, Instagram, Wikipedia, Phone Number.

SwagBoyQ Biography: All you need to know

Real Name:shokoya
Stage Name:SwagBoyQ (Willy Wonka)
Born:11 March 1999 (age 23 years old)
Place of Birth:Honolulu, United States
Height:1.75 m
Wife • Spouse:Not Married
Girlfriend • Partner:Not Disclosed
Occupation:YouTuber • Media Personality
Net Worth:US$500,000-US$1 million
SwagBoyQ Biography: All you need to know

SwagBoyQ Biography

Shamar Stenline (born March 11, 1999), also known as SwagBoyQ (Willy Wonka), is a social media influencer and prankster from the United States. The prankster from Texas is well-known for his hilarious challenges and videos.

SwagBoyQ was born in Honolulu and reared in Texas, giving him a multicultural background. His life objective, he claims, is to make others smile with his content.

SwagBoyQ is also well-known for featuring a lot of attractive women in his videos. As a result, he has gained followers from all corners of the globe.

Early Childhood Development and Education

SwagBoyQ is a content creator from the United States who is 23 years old. On March 11th, 1999, he was born and reared in Honolulu.

Despite his active social life, nothing is known about his early years. SwagBoyQ reportedly migrated from Honolulu to Texas, where he is currently based, according to sources.

He also earned his high school education in Texas, while omgists has yet to confirm the identities of the specific schools from which he graduated.

Personal Life

SwagBoyQ is known for using busty and attractive women in his films, but his personal life and romance remain a secret.

SwagBoyQ claims that he prefers to keep his personal life and romance off of social media, and that he rarely posts about his family or partner.


SwagBoyQ debuted his TikTok account, dubbed “Swagboyq,” in September of this year. He’s famous for his entertaining lip-syncs, pranks, challenge videos, and sketch-comedy films on his site. His Tiktok account has more than 112.7 million likes and 4.6 million followers as of today.

SwagBoyQ has been a YouTube publisher for a long time before making the switch to Tiktok. He first started uploading videos on YouTube in 2012. His YouTube channel now has more than 1 million unique subscribers.

SwagBoyQ’s Instagram page has tens of thousands of followers, with whom he posts photos of his daily life. He refers to his admirers as the “ShwaggyGang.” Because, in his opinion, his admirers are more like family.

SwagBoyQ is doing everything he can to bring smiles to people’s faces with his material, and his dreams are coming true since they can’t get enough of it.

SwagBoyQ Net Worth

SwagBoyQ’s net worth is believed to be between US$500,000 and US$1 million, according to our media team’s analysis.

Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @SwagBoyQ 
  • Twitter handle: @theswagBoyQ 
  • Tiktok handle: @SwagBoyQ  
  • YouTube channel: @SwagBoyQ
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