The interesting moment a python received a sacrifice at a river in Anambra state (video)

A video showing the moment a python was sacrificed at a river in Anambra state has been uploaded online in an unusual turn of events.

python was sacrificed at a river in Anambra state has been uploaded online in an unusual turn of events.

In the footage, a couple of traditionalists can be seen praying along the riverbank as the supposed python accepts the sacrifice.

We previously wrote about Enugwu Ukwu, a town in Anambra State’s Njikoka Local Government Area that is supposed to get its name from its topographical topography. It perches atop a large hill, looking down on the earth, like a bird.

Even though it embraces modernity in all of its forms, the town is culturally vibrant. Consider this: Pythons are like beautiful brides all across Enugwu Ukwu and beyond. They must not be harmed or killed in any way. It is, in fact, illegal to damage pythons there. Injuring the beast has serious ramifications.

The Daily Sun paid a visit to Enugwu Ugwu and met Pa Francis Anisiobi of Urunnebo village. He is a traditional doctor and the pythons’ owner, the Ngene deity.

The top priest explained why pythons are not slain in Enugwu Ukwu, saying,

“When our forefathers first arrived on the earth, they noticed that pythons were not slain in this location since the pythons belonged to the shrine.” And whoever did that would be engulfed in difficulties. Anyone who kills a python in Umunri will be forced to undertake specific things to avoid the dreadful consequences of their actions. First, certain native doctors will be consulted for divination, after which he will be given instructions. He’ll arrange for the python’s burial procedures and bury it in Ajoagwa Arusi. Among the burial, ceremonies are the bringing of a goat and a fowl to the temple. If the person is having troubles after that, they will cease.”

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