UB – Fast ‘n’ Furious

UB – Fast ‘n’ Furious
UB – Fast ‘n’ Furious

UB – Fast ‘n’ Furious, UB’s debut single, “Fast ‘n’ Furious,” was released today. The release of Fast ‘n’ Furious is a direct result of his relentless pursuit of perfection in his craft.

With its high-energy and outspoken lyrics, the BaBs-directed video for UB’s “Fast ‘n’ Furious” expresses a fervent affection for the song’s subject.

UB excels at removing the guise of music while retaining its euphoria and exuberance.

With his Art, he’s made himself into a new break-out star who can take his place proudly on the world stage despite his difficult circumstances.

UB was never going to settle for anything less than a “Fast ‘n’ Furious” career with his unwavering enthusiasm, positivism, and determination.

Keep an eye on UB as it continues to rise in the ranks of the music industry.

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