[VIDEO] BBNaija: I need a break from this relationship – Groovy tells Phyna few hours after ‘knacking’ her

Groovy, a housemate on the seventh season of BBNaija, has asked his love interest, Phyna, to give him some space. This has caused “heartbreak” for Phyna.

Since Groovy and Phyna got kicked off a ship together, he has been complaining about how much she drinks.

Last night, when he was talking to her, he said that she reminded him of his ex-girlfriend, Beauty.

Phyna did not look like she was interested. She told him he could either keep up with her or leave.

Groovy also said that the public was getting in the way of their relationship, so he asked for a break.

Phyna asked, “Is that enough to break up with me?” as she smiled and walked away.

Read what they said below.

Phyna said:

“You’re ending things with me.”

Groovy replied

“I’m not breaking up with you, but we need space,” she said.

Phyna pointed out that the words don’t mean anything different.

“Which is the same as splitting up.”

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