[VIDEO] Doyin, Dotun, others reveal truth behind missing CD in the house

Doyin, Dotun, and Eloswag, who were housemates on Big Brother Naija’s seventh season, have revealed what happened to the condoms there.

The evicted Housemates were questioned about the missing condoms in the Big Brother level up house and why former housemates never admit to using them in an interview they had with Naija FM during their media rounds.

Doyin responded by saying that the reality show mostly used it for balloon games. She also pointed out that while some people engaged in sexual activity on the program, they never used condoms.

On his end, Dotun claimed that the use of condoms in video games had significantly decreased. He also denied any knowledge of interracial activity on the reality show.

Eloswag added support to the idea that condoms were primarily used for house games. He claimed to have knowledge of this since he was in charge of maintaining the safety precautions.

During the interview, questions about other BBNaija-related events were also directed at Allysn and Chomzy.

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