(Video) How i make N197,000 from TikTok

(Video) How i make N197,000 from TikTok
(Video) How i make N197,000 from TikTok

A video of a Nigerian mother gloating over her Tiktok earnings has gone viral on social media, making her an internet sensation.

In the video, the woman is shown beaming as she proudly displays the massive quantity she received in gifts due to her Tiktok activities.

She dismissed the widely held belief that the video-sharing site was only for children, and she encouraged people to download the app to profit from it.

(Video) How i make N197,000 from TikTok

According to her,

You’ve arrived, and you believe Tiktok is only for tiny children. Take a look.

This is in Euros, and this is in US Dollars.

Please see the video below.

Following are some of the reactions to the video:

slimmafia penned the following:

I got a ring light and an account that will teach me how to do slow mo lo.

mahmahzdoll penned the following:

I was on my way to open everything about TikTok when I came across this. 10k isn’t in my account, c’mon. My mum is sufficient.

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