VIDEO: “We Also Have Rich Man in Our Family” — Portable Says As He Shows Off His Rich Uncle

official Instagram profile
official Instagram profile

After posting new videos on his official Instagram profile, the well-known and quickly growing Nigerian Afropop musician, songwriter, rapper, brand ambassador, and social media influencer sparked more comments.

He paid a visit to a wealthy member of his family. Portable In one of his films, he flaunted his wealthy uncle by filming himself inside the multimillion-naira mansion and posing with his vehicles. But the car inside his uncle’s property is older—more than three.

Portable claimed that, unlike certain celebrities who frequently visit Lekki to take selfies with other people’s homes and automobiles, he doesn’t live a “false life.” This is our home, and we also have a wealthy family member. Check out the compound; you can see my Range Rover there.

He wrote the following in the caption:

Visitation to my uncle’s villa at BOROGINI, Ise Loso Omo Nu Bi Oko, Grace ABIODUN ADENMOSUN

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