“Why I left Winners’ Chapel as a pastor to become a Babalawo,” Yinka Oyewusi explains.

"Why I left Winners' Chapel as a pastor to become a Babalawo," a Nigerian man explains.
“Why I left Winners’ Chapel as a pastor to become a Babalawo,” a Nigerian man explains.

Yinka Oyewusi, a former pastor of Winners Chapel, has revealed why he resigned as a pastor of the prominent church to become a babalawo.

On Thursday, June 2, Yinka Oyewusi shared a Facebook post on how he was on fire for God and led prayers like a prayer machine during his time as a pastor.

"Why I left Winners' Chapel as a pastor to become a Babalawo," a Nigerian man explains.

Things took a turn for the worst when he began hearing voices telling him that he was born to be a babalawo and that if he didn’t follow that path, he would regret his birth.

He eventually caved in to the voices and travelled to a town he was told to go to in order to train as a babalwao, he said.

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Furthermore, Yinka Oyewusi said that Christians rarely implement what the Bible instructs, recalling how a superior pastor of his church refused to help him when he needed financial assistance for his sick daughter.

Read the whole of Yinka Oyewusi post here.

“Why Did I Resign As A Pastor At Winners Chapel And Become A Babalawo?”

We were three fiery brothers practising Christianity in Iwo town during my formative years – two of us quite destitute, but with a strange drive to endure. After finishing high school and having nothing left to live for, the first among us was a gifted beggar. My mother is running late, and my father’s whereabouts are unclear. So, the first guy and I were living in one of the three houses that I knew belonged to the 3rd guy’s father, but the father didn’t seem to mind. The first man is a virtuoso at raising funds through “urgent 2k” requests – we lived off of this for years.

I and the third guy somehow earned degrees in science and administration, respectively, while the first guy earned a degree in theology and went on to work as a chaplain at a university chapel.

However, throughout those days as a fervent Christian, I lost 40% of my hearing. The last time I saw the first person of a chaplain, he was in desperate need of $5,000. The third guy contacted me this morning to say he has bone fractures and is being treated at the Ogbomosho medical hospital. He requires money, at the very least, to feed himself, but none is forthcoming. Let me add that the first guy is a Baptist, I was in Winners Chapel, and the third guy is a follower of the Mountain of Fire.

Then I joined the Winners Chapel ministry. Those at Winners Chapel know that oratory is still my best physical gift. In 2005, Adeeke, Iwo will remember me as Yinka. I had studied the scriptures from “paali to paali,” and the prayer sessions I oversaw those days resembled battles. During my time at university, I was sent to pastor a new church in a different town, which I performed well. However, when I began full-time ministry, what you may term “hosts of hell” came knocking at my door. They would tell me what would happen the next day, and it would happen. They’d say Mr A was at my door at 6:30 a.m. while I was still asleep, and they’d be right.

Later, those spirits told me why I am on this planet and that if I do not follow my destiny, I will regret my birth. They say I was born to be a Babalawo. “Thoughts that may establish themselves against God’s understanding and every disobedience…” I went into overdrive rapidly. Then I’d hear odd laughter from a bunch of people, implying that the ghosts were numerous. Then I went to see a primary school friend who is making waves as a church general overseer. All of his prayers and deliverances were in vain.

Then voices began to frighten me, telling me to travel to a place whose name I had never heard before, and that someone was waiting for me there. I looked up the town’s name on Google and discovered it. Because prior mails had not failed, I went there. When I met the person, the priestess warned me that rejecting to work for the gods would be a fatal mistake. I immediately took the call.

However, divination is not a simple skill to master. Someone I know worked on it for eight years. I became a pro in five months due to certain unusual circumstances, and a full-fledged Babalawo in nine months.

I’m inclined to claim that Christians do things differently than I was taught in the Bible. My daughter was on life support at Ogbomosho’s Bowen University Teaching Hospital in 2020. My 50k earnings was definitely insufficient to cover the expenditures. I sought assistance from the church hierarchy by calling the district pastor, who advised me to take the proper steps in channeling my request. I replied that I initially contacted the local priest, who directed me and provided me with his phone number. The district pastor began to seem obnoxious. That’s why I went to nairaland and started a thread asking for assistance.

In the following thread, someone I met online sent me a large sum of money to help me pay my hospital fees.

In 2021, I gave two weeks notice in a resignation letter in Winners Chapel. I never heard from them about my resignation before the notice period expired, and I haven’t heard from them since. However, when the district church paid a quantity of money into my bank account after I had departed (that money was supposed to go to the current pastor of the church), I informed the accountant, who ordered me to reimburse it right away. I never had a history of wrongdoing while working there. They treated me as if I didn’t exist; their conduct brought me to a new low, lowering me to the lowest of beasts…

The following piece of advice is essential: It’s not all about the money; you’ve come to fulfill a certain mission.

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