Woman Allegedly ‘OFFERS’ Herself To An Uber Driver Since She Had No Money For Her Ride [Video]

Uber drivers have been seen as bad people in some cases, labelled as perverts and all those names because some of them decided to take advantage of their clients and do bad things to them, some raped, kidnapped, and robbed them. There have been a lot of cases reported about these guys doing the opposite of their simple jobs, which is to take a person from point A to point B, which is their destination.

In certain circumstances, these guys are provoked, especially by women who request a ride knowing they don’t have money to pay, and when it’s time to pay, they offer themselves, like this woman apparently did.

A video shows a confrontation between a driver and a client who requested a ride from Khayelitsha in Cape Town. When they arrived at her unnamed destination, the driver confronted her and she had no money. She allegedly told him to ‘touch’ her, but he refused as he demanded his money and nothing else.

Speaking on that short video, the driver asked the lady to pay while recording. She did not seem comfortable with being filmed and said he is unprofessional as he reminded her that she suggested he should touch her because she doesn’t have money.

“What should we do because I need money? Is your phone charged? You said I should touch you, which is wrong; do you understand? Uber drivers will be blamed, but you began it.

“I drive from Khayelitsha to here and you don’t have money, that’s why you said I should touch you, it’s unprofessional I know,” the driver remarked while filming the woman.

As she tried to talk her way out of it, the woman asked the driver where she can charge her phone. She then requested him to stop filming her since she believes it’s unprofessional, but he informed her he had to do it for security grounds, otherwise she’d flip the situation around.

As the confrontation continued, the lady asked the driver if they could at least go to her house to charge her phone, but the driver was fed up and decided that he will not drive to any other place with her except the police station. She even tried begging him to let her call her sister using his phone, something he was not prepared to do and decided to drive to the nearest police station.

“I’m not saying you must go to my house; I only need to charge my phone and send your money. Can I use your phone to call my sister? The woman said the driver refused to let her use his phone because he has proof she requested a ride when she had no money.

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